gutessen consulting

Msc. Karin Kaiblinger - Biologist, Anthropologist
Msc. Rosemarie Zehetgruber - Nutritionist

The instruments used by the official nutritional recommendations during the last 50 years have - for the most part - failed. The composition of the "typical" actual diet is still far from what is suggested in these recommendations, although the knowledge about nutrition-and-health related issues seems to be increasing in the general population. External factors such as social status, job, hobbies and recreational activities as well as the - in the context of the above - effectively available choice of meals (staff canteen, restaurant, bakery etc.) tend to have a much higher impact on the nutritional behavior of people than any of the aforementioned recommendations. A change in the choices available can indeed lead to a change in the nutritional behavior of people.
The main focus of gutessen consulting is on sustainable high quality snacks and lunch in schools. Gutessen consulting also provides information about healthy and high quality food for communities and enterprises. In addition we offer courses and event management for this target groups.
Beside consultations we do publications, investigations and we perform pilot projects.